What Our Clients Say

"  I decided to host sales party and life got very busy as the party came closer and I was about to have a melt down. My director suggested I work smart, not hard. I met Cari the next day and she was the answer to my prayers. She was flexible and we met the next day to discuss the event, she was very professional and meticulous in preparing the food, and I could feel the passion she has for her career. The guests thought it was an pleasantly nice treat to have a personal chef create the fabulous food and I had time to make sure the guests had an awesome experience at the party since I was not frazzled from making the whole meal!!!  "

Holly B







"  My husband and I decided to give The Divine Dish a try, because we seemed to be falling into a rut of coming home late and resorting to cereal for dinner. I’ve valued nutrition so it bugged me I didn’t have time to cook real meals for us and I didn’t want to spend my entire Sunday cooking meals for the week.

We researched some personal chef ideas and went with Cari because she values nutrition. I am So glad we chose her! She is a pleasure to work with and to have in our home. I come home to a stuffed refrigerator each Monday. Her food has all the fine touches and flavors you find at restaurants, and all we have to do is heat it up!

We can get delicious dinners without any work (or clean up). She is creative with food and adds in flavors I wouldn’t think of on my own.

She has an Italian family and we can definitely tell she has a few family secrets up her sleeve. We’re excited to continue having her and her food around.  "

Ashley C
Allen, TX






"  (Birthday Party) I wanted to thank you again for last night. Everyone raved about how great the food and service was!! We will definitely use your services in the future.  "








"  Cari’s Divine Dish is such a pleasure to work with! She prepared an amazing baked ziti dinner for my son and I, which we devoured! It was a real treat eating a great Italian meal which was carefully and lovingly prepared by a true chef. I couldn’t be happier.  "

Connie R
McKinney, TX







"  We hired Cari to make dinner as a thank you to our friend while we were staying at his house. We were pleasantly surprised by her professionalism and ease of following her directions she left for us. I’m a guy, not a cook, but was able to successfully follow her steps. Thanks Cari!!  "

Dallas, TX







"  This is actually the second time that I have been fortunate to use Cari’s service. Cari’s delicious quality food & presentation is the reason why I keep coming back! Some of the best deserts that I have enjoy are the cheesecake bites & the dream bars. As snack food (for I had a baby shower)..,I highly recommend the cucumbers sandwiches, they are out of this world! Cari came to my party two hours before in order to prep & have everything ready as the guest arrive. Cari’s down earth personality makes a real treat for wanting to get to know her more & her artistic & delicious food makes you want more!  "